Unfinished Wooden Letters

Cut to order. Allow 7 days production time plus shipping time.

Size/Price = 6"/$10.00, 8"/$12.00, 12"/$18.00, 24"/$49.00, 36"/$79.00

Unfinished Wooden Letters
CloseUnfinished Wooden Letters

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Price: $0.00
Height: From 6 to 36 inches
Material: Baltic Birch Plywood
Thickness: 1/2"
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Unfinished Wooden Letters - Description:

Unfinished wooden letters 6", 8" 12", 24" or 36" tall. Milled from multi-layered Baltic Birch plywood. Available in English, Greek, Numbers and Punctuation. These letters are ready for painting or staining with a large surface area for decorating without limits! A hanging slot on the back of each letter makes it easy to display your letters on the wall or it can stand-up on its own if desired. Decorate and create your own work of art for home, bedroom, office, wedding, or party. Can be finished for indoor or outdoor use.

Please notice that some punctuation marks are scaled proportionally to fit the size of letter selected. For example a period for the 12" letters would be approximatly 1-1/2" inch in diameter.